Dragon/Jormungand/Serpent/Imperiality/Devil/Chinese/Norwegian/Satan/God/Overman …



“It’s ours” 

“No, it’s ours”


“It’s the God”

“It’s the Devil”


“We’re the Descendants of Dragon!”

“Yes, you’re … an idiot.”


“You! Fucking white pig!”

“Sorry man. But what is “white”? There’s no white. So where’s the “white pig”?”


“Yes, there’s no “white”. “White pig” is not a pig. “White man” is not a man.”

“There’s no absolute Man and there’s no absolute God, no absolute Devil. “


“Then what the hell you are if there’s no Man? I’m an absolute Man, a Chinese Man!”

“Well… you said you’re the descendants of Dragon, right? So you’re not a Man.”


“Oh! You’re right! We’re the descendants of Dragon, so we’re not an absolute Man!”




"There are no facts, only interpretation and … may be … Idiot or Overman … Sorry, I should say that there are no facts, no idiots, no geniuses, no God, no Devil, no men, no women … but … is there any interpretation or there’s no interpretation at all? … And how about the “no”? …"