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Ecce Homo Trilogy (2011- )

“Ecce Homo” is a phase used by Pontius Pilate when presenting Jesus to the public before crucifixion, which also became the title of a book written by Nietzsche.  By making reference to the last judgment of Jesus and Nietzsche’s philosophy, ‘Ecce Homo Trilogy’, a series of multi-channel video installations, tries to question the impartialness of a judgment, its existence and the powerlessness of the one being judged at a particular period of time and environment. At the same time, it attempts to depict the emotions of the one being judged and, the dense and tense atmosphere throughout the whole process.
The documenting and broadcasting of the judgment and execution of the so-called dictators through the media and sharing platforms, allowing people in different parts of the world to become one of the witnesses and participators of the judgment unintentionally, just like those in the crowd who are told by Pilate to “behold the man (ecce homo)”.

Scene I - Trial Scene II - Execution Scene III - Burial


Ecce Homo Trilogy I

Multi-channel video, text & painting installations
Dimensions variable

Ecce Homo Trilogy I (play video, mov)
Video documentation (Hi, 94MB) (Lo, 72MB) Brochure (Interview & statement)


Pearl Lam Galleries, Hong Kong
approx. 36.3 x 8.3 x 3.7m (H), 2012