Video documentation

Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong  2020

Video, projector, tv, carpet, armchair, cushions, bookshelves, books & light bulbs

Dimensions variable


Credit: Jean-Luc Godard, La Chinoise & Weekend, Athos Films, France, 1967.

Text - Workers / Actors In The World Theatre



To Seek Is To Study

To Study Is To Seek


The Invisible

The Unsayable 


The Inaudible


The Essay

The Painting


The Piece Of Embroidery


A Student In The Dinner Party 

A Worker In The Theatre


All Actors In The World Theatre




You see, you read, you study and you seek in the room, the theatre or the cave. 

We act.Or we are just acting as if we act and react. 



Video documentation - Projection on wall, 8 min 43 sec, b&w, no sound, 7 x 2.8m


Credit: Jean-Luc Godard, La Chinoise, Athos Films, France, 1967.

Workers / Actors In The World Theatre