6 Days + 1 (1st half cycle), single channel video, b&w, stereo sound, 25 min.49 sec. 2022

Single channel video, b&w, stereo sound.

6 + 1 Days is an ongoing video project begun in 2020. A series of looped cycles portraying the seven days that occur either before or after "The End/The Creation", It addresses the processes of creation, destruction, repetition, and the collapse of time and memory.

The days flow in a negative or reverse direction, mimicking the self-erasure of time, moving “backward” to either the point of origin or some other new point. The same days then loop forward in a “positive” or normal way, each day bringing subtle changes, until the starting point is reached once more and the cycle is complete. The cycles play in looped succession as if all are just repeated identically, similar to Nietzsche’s concept of eternal return, though it is actually not the repetition of the same anymore. The sense of time and memory gradually declines, deteriorating from day to day and cycle to cycle.


6 Days + 1 (2020 - )